At the airport Safety and Security are two distinct categories: safety management aims to avoid any risk of involuntary accident, whilst the security measures are designed to prevent risk from any hostile act. They are drawn up by the airport management in liaison with government services, and are updated to reflect any changes in French and European regulations.

For further information concerning the latest changes to the regulations on security matters:


Terminal and baggage


In the terminal building

Preventive measures start in the Airport Terminal which is under the surveillance of a network of cameras and a constantly vigilant staff. You may well see patrols periodically reinforcing the security measures.

For the security of all:

  • Never leave you baggage unattended, even for a short while. If it is seen as suspect it will be destroyed.
  • Never agree to look after a third person's baggage or package, whatever the motive.
  • Alert the airport authorities if you see any abandoned baggage or package.


In your baggage

The transport of products in your baggage is strictly regulated. Since 2006, in order to reinforce passenger security, the European Union has drastically limited the number of items allowed on board any flight from a member country. Before packing make sure that you don't include any banned item or product.

Consequences of detection of a banned product in your baggage:

  • Cabin Baggage: any banned product found during screening will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • Hold Baggage: the owner will be questioned by a security officer, his baggage searched and the banned product will be destroyed.


Airport security control


Once your hold baggage has been checked in you will pass through airport security control where you will be screened before reaching the departure lounge. All passengers are screened. When there are several flights during the same period, the passengers for the first flights will be called to security control first.

  • Keep close at hand your boarding card (magnetic, printed or on a mobile phone) to present it together with your identity document.
  • Before passing through airport security control, put any metal objects likely to set off the alarm (money, keys, mobile phone, belt …), in the basket supplied for the purpose.




If you have a medical prosthesis which is likely to set off the alarm, bring a medical certificate with you that you can show to a security officer before passing through the screening system.

If the alarm is set off as you pass through the screen, you may be asked to take off your shoes and belt, and you will be systematically body searched, completed if necessary by a mobile metal detector (magnetometer).

Show the security officer:

  • Your cabin bags – travel bag, hand bag
  • Jackets and coats
  • Out of their cases: portable computers, cameras, camcorder...
  • Authorized plastic bag containing liquids, gels, creams
  • Food and drinks for young children
  • Liquid medicines with medical prescription in your name


Random Controls: In conformation with European regulations, security officers can carry out supplementary and random controls of passengers and their baggage. They can also carry out a thorough search of your bags and a body search, even if the alarm hasn't been set off.


After passing through security control, make sure you have not forgotten any personal belongings.