Into the Wild



The outstanding natural beauty, pristine rivers and rich cultural heritage of the Dordogne Valley make walking and hiking a major draw for visitors looking to be at one with nature. Famed for hundreds of marked walking trails, all grades of hiking and levels of rambling are catered

for, from family walks to hard core hiking. The choice of circuits and tracks is only matched by the variety of the outstanding landscape on offer. Renowned for its dramatic cliffs, medieval villages and deep oak forests it is a treasure trove of breathtaking sights. The tracks

and trails that criss-cross the Dordogne Valley divide into short circular walks, day walks and extensive hikes that are spread over days. All of them offer varying levels of difficulty so hikers can construct their own personalised itinerary, creating the perfect hiking holiday.



VTT (Vélo Tout Terrain) as the French call mountain biking is extremely popular here. There are many dedicated and marked VTT tracks catering for all levels of enthusiasm and fitness from family friendly to extreme. Careening down narrow forest paths, over rough terrain, crossing wild streams, the exhilarating adrenalin rush is total. Many hiking and walking trails in the Dordogne Valley also allow mountain biking. Bicycle hire is available throughout the region, from simple cycles for an easy going family ride

to top-end mountain bikes (including electric) for an epic action-packed ride.



Plunging from a height, fast moving, cascading water is a mesmerising sight. In the Dordogne Valley there are four beautifulwaterfall visits to marvel at or put your feet in.

Near Tulle the village of Gimel is the starting point to explore three successive waterfalls tumbling down the mountain at a total height of 143 metres. Marked paths allow visitors to walk through forests and getting there is half the fun as beautiful scenic views are part of the attraction.

The waterfall above Autoire plunges 30 metres before turning into a stream that runs through the village, classified as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages in France’.

The falls of Murel are a striking series of three interconnected waterfalls cut against deep wooded gorges in a listed ‘Natural Zone of Ecological Interest’.

In the forest near Vieyres, hidden away from view, a beautiful hike in the forest leads to these impressive falls. Nicknamed by the locals as Tahiti for their exotic