Luggage information


Your baggage when you fly from Brive Dordogne Valley Airport:

The transport of baggage from the terminal building to the hold or cabin is subject to strict regulations in order to assure your security. You must conform with the conditions laid down by the airline companies. Always check these with your company or tourist agency.


Important recommendations:

  • Never leave you baggage unattended, even for a short while. If it is seen as suspect it will be destroyed.
  • Label your baggage with your name, address and telephone number.
  • Never agree to look after a third person's baggage or package, whatever the motive. 
  • Alert the airport authorities if you see any abandoned baggage or package.
  • Only take what is essential in your cabin bag and put the rest in the hold.
  • Don't put items of value in the hold.
  • Carefully wrap any fragile object.
  • Keep any medical treatments and prescriptions with you.



Banned items and products in aircraft baggage


The list which follows is not complete. For more information and for details of the conditions and measures concerning restrictions on liquid containers in cabin baggage: :,37265.html


Banned Items in the hold and in the cabin :

  • Explosives, ammunition, flammable liquids and corrosive products such as gas, petrol...,
  • Neutralizing and incapacitating items, for example acids, self defense materials which project irritating and stinging gases or teargas, radioactive materials, poisons...


Banned Items in the Cabin :

  • Firearms and imitations,
  • Knives and sharp objects,
  • Blunt instruments: baseball bats, skateboards, sticks...,
  • Chemical and biological substances,
  • Liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes in containers greater than 100ml ( drinks, mineral water, soup, perfume, lotions, creams, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, liquid soap, deodorant, liquid gloss lipsticks, foundation, mascara... ).

You may however :

  • Carry them in the hold, making sure to put them in your baggage before checking in.
  • Take them in the cabin if :

- You conform strictly with the current regulations: they must all be put together into a closed, transparent, plastic bag, with a maximum capacity of one liter ( 20x20cm format, or 18x22cm), the packaging of each product must not exceed a capacity of 100ml,

- You have bought them in a duty-free shop after the security control and, that they have been placed, if necessary, in a sealed bag,

- They are medication necessary during the flight and for which you have a prescription in your name,

- You are travelling with young children and you need food for your baby: in that case use resalable containers, security control may ask you to open them and taste them.



Size and weight of aircraft baggage


In general baggage is restricted to 115cm (total height + width + length) on regular lines, but the dimensions of cabin baggage and its weight can vary depending on the airline. The same applies to hold baggage. Before leaving, check with your company: they will indicate the precise norms in relation to dimension, weight and quantity of baggage allowed.