Home grown business



The Sothys group is a brand of internationally recognised high-end luxury cosmetics. Sothys and Beauty Garden are sold in 130 countries in the most prestigious hotels, spas and beauty institutes of the world. Since 2014 Sothys has been a leading producer of organic cosmetics with its Beauty Garden range. Like the founder of the Sothys group, Bernard Mas, the Beauty Garden line was born and raised in Auriac.

Everything from the ingredients used in the cosmetics to the wooden ecological packaging in which they are sold is made locally. Only pesticide free and organically grown plants are used, the source ofwhich is Sothys’ own on-site

botanic gardens, part of the larger Jardins Sothys. The plants grown here are used exclusively in the Beauty Garden range, alongside plants used in their organic herbal teas. Open to the viewing public, these gardens have been awarded ‘Jardin Remarquable’ status for their botanical importance. www.beautygarden.com/en



Waitrose shoppers will be familiar with this famous French jam but may be surprised to find out that it is made right here. Part of the Andros group, the Bonne Maman make was created in 1971 in a little Dordogne Valley village - Biars-sur-Cère. The factory is still located in the village but not open to public visits. Renowned for their excellent French jams, their products have stood apart on supermarket shelves with simple traditional French labelling evoking the spirit of their namesake – Bonne Maman means Grandmother in French. The product lines have grown extensively since the beginnings in jam making and now include yoghurts, biscuits and cakes sold throughout Europe. www.bonne-maman.com



This artisanal biscuit maker is famed for scrumptious products made in Sarlat since 1996. The name Lou Cocal means walnuts in the local dialect. This and other nuts including chestnuts and hazelnuts, locally grown, are key ingredients in the production of their extensive biscuit range. Using techniques and recipes passed down through the generations, the handmade biscuits along with their chocolates and sweets are tempting beyond measure. www.biscuiterie-lou-cocal.com



Based in Brive, this internationally recognised craft distillery has been producing quality liqueurs and aperitifs since 1839. Employing the same 19th century distilling techniques today, this fourth generation family run business continues to create some of the most famousbrands from the area. Producing over 20 lines of aperitifs, digestifs and liqueurs, the most popular are arguably their walnut liqueurs Quinquinoix followed closely by the Suprême Denoix. A visit to the distillery, with guided tour, is only surpassed by the beautiful on-site shop that sells their entire and extensive range. The distillery is also renowned for their international export the ‘Moutarde Violette’, a distinctive violet coloured mustard, made with grapes. www.denoix.com



This thriving boutique chocolatier in Terrasson combines 100% cocoa with 100% locally sourced ingredients including spices, Périgord walnuts and hazelnuts. The results are an extensive range of sophisticated handmade chocolates which also includes a fully organic variety.

Valter Bovetti, the artisan chocolate maker is based in Terrasson where his gourmet shop and kitchens also house a chocolate museum. Guided tours explaining the techniques involved are followed by tasting and the opportunity to purchase the delicious products from the Bovetti range. www.bovetti.com