Along the river

Imagine yourself floating gently down a river in whose fresh, quiet waters are reflected the blue of the sky, the green of the vegetation on the banks and the balconies of old houses overhanging the waterside…. This is the start of a canoeing trip which takes you down the river Dordogne from Argentat to La Roque Gageac and Beynac, with overnight stops on the way. Higher up the valley, the river runs fast and wild through steep gorges, but on this section it is much more calm and mature, and suitable for those who have no previous canoeing experience.


The fact that the area has been designated as a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco is an indication of the quality of the environment, and the variety of wildlife, including fish, bears this out. Indeed, the waters of the Dordogne are now so clean that wild salmon have been successfully reintroduced - but you’re not allowed to fish for those! However, there are plenty of species which you can take, including shad, bleak, carp, barbel, pike, zander, perch… and many more. Fly-fishing is a very popular sport here, and enthusiasts even breed special coqs de pêche (fishing cocks), whose feathers are used as lures for trout and grayling. Holiday fishing licences are easily obtained: details - and much other information - given in a guide to angling available from all local Tourist Offices. You’ll soon be hooked!